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COSE offers health insurance to the small business community through its partnership with Medical Mutual:

Choosing COSE for your Insurance Needs

The health insurance landscape has changed significantly in the past few years and small businesses are looking for guidance. Look to COSE to help you:

  • Savings

    Through its partnership with Medical Mutual of Ohio, COSE offers its members special pricing on group health insurance.
  • Information

    The COSE team provides consultation and advice on your health care options.
  • Advocacy

    COSE is your voice at the state and federal level as health care reform continues to evolve. COSE advocates on behalf of small businesses to ensure that health care reform does not unnecessarily burden Ohio’s small business owner.

Staying Compliant

So…you decided to offer benefits…NOW WHAT?  You are probably asking yourself right now:

  • What happens now?
  • What about the increasing costs of benefits?
  • How do I handle new employees enrolling?
  • How do I administer this and handle questions about benefits from my employees?
  • What am I obligated to do to keep everything legal and compliant? Does ACA apply?
  • How do I use my new benefits to attract and retain quality employees?
  • How do I educate my workforce on benefits so I’m not wasting money?

You don't have time to deal with benefits compliance. COSE is here for you!

COSE Compliance Solutions offers you the safety net you need when offering employee benefits. COSE has partnered with Benefit Innovations Group (BIG HR) to support your compliance obligations.

Looking for information on health care reform? Please visit one of these sections:

Wellness Programs

Medical Mutual provides a series of wellness programs to those COSE members enrolled in a Medical Mutual health insurance plan including: 

Quitline Tobacco Cessation Program

Encourage your employees to quit using tobacco with the help of Medical Mutual and a patch-based nicotine replacement therapy. There are no out-of-pocket costs to your company or the employee.

This is a FREE smoking cessation wellness program available to employees of COSE member companies that are on a COSE health plan through Medical Mutual. It consists of telephone counseling sessions from experienced tobacco cessation counselors, and enrollees are eligible for a supply of nicotine replacement therapy. 

Weight Management Wellness Program

Medical Mutual has teamed up with WW® (formerly Weight Watchers) to create two opportunities to lower the cost of participating in a WW program:

Enrollment fee reimbursement: If your organization hosts Workshops in the Workplace (formerly At Work Meetings), covered employees can be reimbursed up to $150 in enrollment fees per calendar year. Employees receive $50 back from their enrollment fee when they attend at least 10 workshops in a 12-week series, or $75 back when they attend at least 14 workshops in a 17-week series. If you’re interested in starting Workshops in the Workplace, please call WW directly at 1-800-828-9675. (Note: A minimum of 15 interested employees is required.)

Up-front discounts: Covered employees can also take advantage of reduced membership rates with WW. Medical Mutual members can save almost 50 percent off the standard cost of the Digital, Digital + Studio and WW for Diabetes programs. For more information, interested employees should log in to My Health Plan at and click WW (Weight Watchers) under the Healthy Living tab.

Online Health Assessment

The Health Assessment is a series of questions to give employees an overall picture of their well-beings. It may help an employee identify his or her risk for certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes. The Health Assessment is protected by the highest security standards, and is only accessible to the individual employee taking it.

Disease Management & Maternity Programs

COSE offers the Medical Mutual Disease Management & Maternity Programs to help members who are pregnant or diagnosed with certain health conditions. The program offers a unique approach, providing flexible education and personalized attention that is focused on your individual needs. You receive valuable help from a trained coach who will help you control your condition and prevent complications to achieve your best overall health.