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COSE members have access to several programs designed to ensure you are effectively managing your energy.

Manage Gas and Electric Rates:

The COSE energy team provides a consultative review of it's members' natural gas and/or electric bills to offer solutions on how to achieve budget certainty on energy costs at work and at home.  The best part? You can share this with your employees!

Building Energy Audits:

Receive an energy assessment of your building from the COSE Energy Team. They will help you learn how your building uses power and identify areas of your building that can be improved, which could save you an average of 25-30% on your operating costs. Contact COSE to learn how your company may receive a free assessment worth up to $15,000.

Contractors, Suppliers and Distributors That Can Help with Your Projects:

Complete your energy projects with one of our local list of contractors, suppliers and distributors

Green Leasing:

Green leases have the potential to reduce energy consumption in an office building by 11-22%. Learn how switching to a green lease has helped these businesses.

Energy Efficient Financing:

COSE offers financing options to help manage the costs of energy efficiency programs at your business. You have access to lower interest rates, and the possibility of making repayment via assessment on your property tax bill. 

Success Stories

Take an in-depth look at how GCP and COSE helped these local companies become energy efficient. 

Learn how an energy assessment performed by the GCP helped Hunt Imaging identify how to reduce its overall energy usage by 65%.

Click here to see how a local church will save $283,690 of life cycle electricity savings by working with GCP on upgrading their lighting. 

GCP, COSE and KeyBank assisted the Lee-Silsby Compounding Pharmacy in becoming more efficient and saving money in their new building.

Read on to see how MAN Holdings, Cleveland's first C-PACE project, was able to secure financing that will help reduce energy consumption by 42%.

Check out the Energy Resource Guide, an all-encompassing content piece about everything you need to know about energy.