Month in review: May 2022

It’s finally spring in Cleveland. Weather is warming, flowers are blooming and we’ve picked a bunch just for you – of MYB articles from May, that is. 

Check out our favorite articles from last month:

The lost art of cold calling (and why your business should revive it)
Cold calling might be lost, but it's not dead. In fact, in this article you will hear from a company that had its best March in its 14-year history—due, in part, to cold calling. If you hate even the thought of calling someone you don't know—or if you don't know where to start—check out these tips for successful cold calling.
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Get the biggest bang for your buck with these 7 marketing tips

You worked hard to establish your business, but are you marketing it effectively? Have you set aside the appropriate funds to do so?
As a small business owner, you have to know how to stretch a dollar in all areas—and marketing is no exception. Check out these seven tips for effectively marketing your small business while still sticking to your budget.
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Maintain positive ties with former employees in 7 easy steps
Making sure you keep a positive connection with employees even after they leave your company actually starts the day you hire them. Learn how to maintain positive ties with former employees in seven easy steps.

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The 3 biggest excuses that get in the way of growing your business – and how to tame them
We all say them to ourselves sometimes – but these excuses can keep us from moving our businesses forward. Discover these three big excuses that might be holding you back, and how to eliminate them from your thinking.

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Eight key traits for successful leaders and teams
From communication and confidence, to empathy and vulnerability, there are eight key traits that most successful leaders and teams possess. Learn what they are and how they can impact your small business.
Which of these key traits have you and your team mastered? Which ones still need improving?
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Inflation and your small business: 5 tips for minimizing the impact
You're feeling it every time you pull out your wallet lately: inflation. With a U.S. inflation rate hovering around 8%, the costs of goods and services are going up, which is sure to impact your bottom line.
Lessen the effect inflation has on your small business with these five tips from Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Cleveland.
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Do you have a WOW budget? Impress customers with these 8 tips

Do you leave your customers saying, "WOW!?" Setting aside a portion of your budget to go above and beyond for customers can really make a "WOW!" impression. It can also go a long way toward customer loyalty, your bottom line and the overall success of your small business.

Create a WOW budget with these eight tips that are sure to impress old, new and prospective customers.

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  • Next up: A mental health check-in: Challenges to retaining employees

    A mental health check-in: Challenges to retaining employees

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  • Next up: Month in Review: April 2021

    Month in Review: April 2021


    If you can’t believe the month of April is already in your rearview mirror, you’re not alone. But before we totally say goodbye, let’s take a look at some of our favorite articles on the blog from last month.

    Branding on a Budget: 4 Tips for Your Small Business

    When it comes to branding you may not be able to out-spend your competition, but you can always out-think them. Consider these four ways to brand your small business even with a small budget.

    Spoiler Alert: One way COSE members can market their business for free is by contributing to the Mind Your Business blog. Contact us to learn more.

    Recognizing and Handling Cyberbullying in the Workplace

    Cyberbullying should never be tolerated, but it may be hard to recognize—especially in the workplace. Learn how to identify the signs of cyberbullying and how to handle it once it is detected.

    FAQs With Phil: How Can I Improve My Elevator Pitch?

    In this new series with COSE's own Phil Stella, we take a look at some frequently asked questions from small business owners regarding how to communicate effectively and confidently.

    We kick off the series with an explanation of how to create an effective elevator pitch using the (soon-to-be-famous) SSCBH approach. So, whether it's during a zoom networking event, or in an actual elevator when life resumes in-person opportunities, learn more about improving your elevator pitch.

    Hint: It starts with changing the word "pitch" to the word "speech."

    If you have a question for Phil, email him at

    8 Highly Effective SEO Trends For Your Small Business in 2021

    It's no longer enough to just have a website—your small business needs to have an effective online presence to land in the top search results.

    From artificial intelligence and video content to image optimization and keywords and phrases... keep up with these eight search engine optimization trends that will get your business noticed in 2021.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: August 2021

    Month in Review: August 2021


    We started off August with steps to an effective SEO content strategy and ended it with a call for MYB writers. Take a look at some of our favorite content on the blog in August.

    How to Build an Effective SEO Content Strategy in 4 Steps
    If content is king, then an SEO content strategy is your ace-in-the-hole. From identifying your target audience to actually sitting down to create content, check out these four simple steps to creating an effective SEO strategy to get your small business noticed.

    What Every Small Business Needs to Know About Onboarding New Employees
    In July, we discussed the increased frequency of workforce turnover as a result of the pandemic, and how to tell if an employee might be quitting. In August, we encourage you to take a careful look at your onboarding process. Check out our tips for effective onboarding to ensure that your new hires feel at home at your small business, and to help your retention rate outshine your turnover rate.

    How to Work With a Recruiter
    Recruiters can really help your business grow and flourish—but they are not one-size-fits-all. It's important to find a recruiter who is the right fit for you and your business. This article is bursting at the seams with effective tips, questions to ask, topics to cover and more when it comes to working with a recruiter.

    Become an MYB Blog Contributor: Share Your Expertise, Promote Your Business
    The response we received from this call for writers has been amazing! We are looking forward to showcasing new writers in the months to come. But we still have room for you!

    Do you consider yourself an expert in your field? Would you like a free way to promote your business? We are looking for a few good COSE members to write for the Mind Your Business blog. Your articles will be featured on our website, in this newsletter and on social media. No blog writing experience required!
    Here are some of our top-performing articles from this year—this could be you! 
    Maintaining Culture and Connection in a Virtual World by Erin Longmoon, Zephyr Recruiting
    How to Set Up an Effective SEO Content Strategy in Four Steps by Nachum Langsner, LocalBizGuru
    How to Tell if an Employee Might be Quitting by Tim Dimoff, SACS Consulting & Investigative Services
    If you are interested, please contact Marie Zickefoose to find out more.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: March 2021

    Month in Review: March 2021


    With winter behind us, and warmer weather and vaccines on the horizon, we are excited to spring into April (see what we did there?). But before we do, let’s look back at some of our favorite posts on the blog from March. These articles follow the theme of the times—virtual working and recruitment—and are full of tips you can implement with your small business.

    Is it Time to Bring Back Your Workforce?
    Are you considering bringing your team back into the office? What will a post-COVID workplace look like? From determining who should return and how you will mitigate illness in your office, check out these guidelines for planning your return.

    3 Things to Know: One Year Into COVID
    It's been a full year since phrases like social distancing, "You're on mute," and Zoom happy hours have entered your daily language. Here are three things we think you should know now that we are one year into COVID and remote working.

    Maintaining Culture and Connection in a Virtual World
    We may be living in a virtual world, but that doesn't mean we can't still feel connected to our colleagues. Here are four tips you can implement today to maintain your company culture and connection with your team, even from a distance.

    Cleveland Internship Summit: 5 Takeaways from Virtual Recruitment Best Practices
    A roundtable discussion at GCP's recent Cleveland Internship Summit focused on virtual internship programs and recruitment. Participants shared tips and ideas for a successful program that you can implement in your own business. Check out these five takeaways from the session.

    What was your favorite article from March? Let us know on Twitter.

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  • Next up: Month in review: March 2022

    Month in review: March 2022

    There were many informative articles on the blog this month from our expert contributors. Check out some of our favorite.

    BBB business tips: Employee appreciation

    National Employee Appreciation Day was March 4, but you can honor your team anytime of the year. Check out these 5 tips for showing your staff how much they are valued and appreciated. 
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    The next workforce evolution and the unique role of small businesses
    As we enter year three of the global pandemic, we continue to see a large number of companies with "help wanted" signs in their windows and on their websites. But this most recent workforce evolution—dubbed the "great resignation"—is actually a perfect opportunity for small businesses to grow their teams with great talent.
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    Sit and deliver: Give a casual presentation while still looking professional
    For many of us, it's been two years of virtual work—which has meant a lot of seated presentations. More and more we are hearing of companies opting to continue some sort of flexible, virtual working schedule. But don't get too comfortable in that chair. Here are tips for delivering a casual presentation without compromising your professionalism.
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    COVID check-in: Small business tips for year three
    Two years after the start of the global pandemic, it's clear that COVID has changed the way we do business. Now is a good time to make any necessary changes and improvements to help your small business successfully navigate uncertain times.
    >> Read more

    Grow your business with these three lessons
    We are excited to introduce our newest member contributor for the Mind Your Business blog, Amy Wong, president and founder of Dot Org Solutions LLC. Amy combines her love of writing with her experience delivering marketing, fundraising, strategic planning and other services to small businesses and nonprofits. To kick off her column, here are three lessons to help grow your business.
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