Representing small businesses is a tricky thing. Small businesses come in all different sizes, from all different industries, and all different political ideologies. Small business owners are not a monolith with one mind and one path. As a result, our agenda is a product of many conversations with our members about the issues they believe are important to their business and the specific challenges they have encountered. 

In order to prioritize the issues and act effectively, COSE engages its members and invites them to participate as much and as frequently as their interest and their time permits. In addition, the COSE Advocacy Committee acts as a standing body charged with understanding, discussing, and taking action on legislative and regulatory issues on behalf of our members. The Advocacy Committee’s composition is intentional and reflects the diversity of our organization’s members and their beliefs. Part forum and part deliberating caucus, this group of small business owners works very hard to educate themselves and act in the best interest of their peers on the issues they consider. 

The following topics are covered in the COSE Public Policy Agenda (click a topic to jump to that page in the Public Policy Agenda):

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